Oncology Services Cancer treatments to promote
the quality of life of our pets

Animal Surgical Center has teamed up with
Dr. Joseph A. Impellizeri DVM, DACVIM, MRCVS to bring advanced, cutting edge therapies to pets in need. Visit www.petcancerinformation.com and find out how we can help your pet today.

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The diagnosis of cancer in your pet is devastating.  Here, at Veterinary Oncology Services, we have more cutting-edge, cancer treatment options and where you are treated first makes all the difference.

Please go to http://www.petcancerinformation.com for more information or email info@petcancerinformation.com

Veterinary Oncology Services

Tireless Pursuit To Outsmart Cancer


Chemotherapy in animals is very different than chemotherapy treatments in people. Lower dose frequency and lower dose intensity reduces, and in the majority of cases avoids side effects.

Harnessing the Patients's Immune System

Gene-Electrotransfer-DNA plasmids targeting cancer proteins to prevent or attenuate cancer spread or metastasis.


Combines local or systemic administration of chemotherapeutic drugs or calcium combined with a transient electrical pulse, opening the cell membrane and targeting the cancer directly.

Adoptive T-Cell Therapy

Restarting the Immune System by reprogramming cells which are then infused back into the patient