Animal Surgical Center employs a variety of advanced diagnostic tools to understand your pet’s condition below the surface and ensure their safety before a surgical procedure. In addition to our in-house laboratory and digital X-ray equipment, our facility also uses ultrasound and CT scan for high-quality imaging that provides more information about your pet’s health. In times of urgency that require the quick turnaround of results and greater accuracy in diagnosing, we are equipped to meet the wide range of needs of our patients.

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CT Scan and Fluoroscopy

CT scan provides us with detailed information about your pet’s condition and helps guide their treatment. During the procedure, it generates a 3D map that allows us to visualize different areas and conditions of the body, including:

  • The heart and lungs
  • Abdominal organs (liver, pancreas, kidneys, GI tract, adrenals)
  • Shunts and tumors
  • Physical trauma
  • Brain, skull, sinus, nasal, bulla, and ear regions
  • Orthopedics (stifles, elbows, hips, carpus/tarsus, angular limb deformities, cartilage lesions, fractures)
  • Spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar)
  • Pre-op planning and 3D construction

Digital X-ray and Ultrasound

We use our digital X-ray equipment to view the musculoskeletal system, heart, and lungs. This tool provides an extra layer of information about your pet’s condition if a physical examination does not give us the answers we need. In addition to bone fractures and issues with the heart and lungs, we can also detect tumors and foreign bodies.

Ultrasound is highly useful when we need to examine the abdominal organs more closely. With it we can see the size, shape, and even texture of the soft tissue organs, and detect the presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

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In-House Laboratory

Bloodwork is a crucial step in diagnosing medical conditions and verifying your pet’s health before they undergo an intensive procedure. One of our requirements here at Animal Surgical Center is pre-anesthetic CBC-Chemistry testing, which must be done within 3 months of your pet’s scheduled surgery date. However, we can also perform this testing the morning of the surgery if absolutely necessary.