Our mission at Animal Surgical Center is straightforward—to save as many animals as possible by providing excellent care and service at a fair price.

We believe that many animals can avoid needless suffering and enjoy longer, happier lives as long as they have access to the treatment they need. By providing the highest standard of surgical care and making it more affordable for pet owners, we can save countless lives and keep pets and their families together.

Our Core Values



ASC is all about family. ASC makes a commitment to each other, pets, and their pet parents.

Puzzle Pieces


There is nothing more rewarding to us at ASC then to give back.
We work with over 20 animal rescue groups, helping animals in medical need,
looking for their forever homes.



Pet Parents are part of the ASC care team! We work together to
improve the lives of our pets. We're all in this together!



We practice what we preach. We are honest. We are transparent.
We save animal lives, by providing excellent service at a fair price.