The ASC Way Saving Animal Lives. One Pet at a Time.

Animal Surgical Center (AAHA-accredited) is a surgical practice based in New York. ASC is a boutique-client/patient focused practice that strives to deliver excellent service at a fair price. Between our Veterinary Surgeons, Emergency Doctors, and highly skilled Support Staff, ASC concentrates on serving the community by saving as many animal lives as possible.

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Experienced Surgeons

All surgeries are performed by or under the guidance of board-certified surgeons.

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Skilled Techs & Staff

We have highly-trained surgical techs and practice staff who provide excellent supportive care to our patients.

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Emergency Surgery

Our team of surgeons is available 7 days a week to handle any emergency.

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Affordable Pricing

We are committed to providing affordable care for all of our patients and clients.

Giving Back to pets and people in need

Animal Surgical Center has donated over $250,000 to charitable organizations throughout New York. We work with over a dozen incredible rescue organizations, including Second Chance Rescue, Hurley’s Heart Bulldog Rescue, New York Bully Crew, and much more. We are proud to have saved over 500 animals, and will continue to support the rescues in our community who need our help.

Kind Words

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