Article Release: Issue 1
Release Date: May 15, 2024
Written By: Karla A. Hojas

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Animal Surgical Center is an AAHA Accredited Hospital

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Animal Surgical Center (ASC), where our profound passion for saving animal lives drives everything we do. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our dedicated team, our mission, and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care for pets in need.

The ASC Way: A Commitment to Compassionate Care

At ASC, saving animal lives is more than a mission—it’s our calling. Located in Oceanside, NY, we are an AAHA-accredited hospital with a team of compassionate veterinary surgeons, technicians, and overnight doctors overseeing our inpatients. Our boutique-client/patient focused practice is grounded in the belief that every pet deserves access to the treatment necessary for a longer, happier life.

Our mission is clear and direct: to save as many animal lives as possible by delivering excellent care and service at a fair price. We firmly believe that providing affordable surgical care can prevent needless suffering and keep pets united with their families. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond medical expertise; it’s about embodying compassion, integrity, and transparency in everything we do.

We believe in the power of collaboration and community, demonstrated through our strong involvement with over 20 non-profit rescue organizations. Our practice is committed to working alongside these organizations, assisting animals in medical need to find their forever homes. Many of our dedicated staff members volunteer their time to support these initiatives, reflecting a profound passion for animal welfare that extends beyond typical office hours. Saving lives and making a positive impact are central to our mission.

Inspiring Change, One Story at a Time

Join us on this journey of compassion and dedication. Through our blog, we’ll share stories of hope, resilience, and transformation that celebrate the profound bond between humans and animals. Let’s spark ideas, evoke emotions, and foster conversations that prioritize the well-being of our furry companions.

Expect captivating surgical narratives, from the unexpected (like removing avocado pits!) to the heartwarming tales of emotional rescue missions. We’re thrilled to offer you a behind-the-scenes look into our practice, unveiling the intricacies of veterinary care and the impactful role of surgical interventions in animal health.

Saving lives at ASC is more than just a job—it’s our life’s passion. Stay tuned for exclusive insights, engaging content, and future updates that deepen your understanding of animal health and well-being, as we share stories and frontline experiences from the world of animal care. Together, let’s continue making a difference—one pet at a time.

Thank you for embarking on this meaningful journey with us.

Until Next Time,
The ASC Team

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