About Our Founder

Dr. Tomas Infernuso DVM, DACVS

From when I was a young boy, I had a tremendous passion for animals. It is through them I learned compassion, empathy, vulnerability, and most of all, love. I remember rescuing all sorts of animals. Frogs, rodents, birds, even insects. When I started volunteering in animal shelters, I learned that every single animal I rescued, no matter how large or small, made an impact.

As we grow up, we develop inseparable bonds with our pets. They become our family, our partners, our home. My dog Ludovica will always be in my heart. In a way, she rescued me. Ludovica gave me so much love and support. During our time together, I made Ludovica a promise:

“I promise you, Ludovica, that I will save as many animal lives as possible”.

Every day, I set out to fulfill that promise to her, even long after she’s been gone. It is that very promise that drives me.

While becoming a veterinarian, I remember how painful it was to see how many pets were euthanized due to the inability to afford necessary surgery. I arrived in the United States with the goal to improve my skills and obtain the best surgical training possible. I knew if I was able to become a board-certified surgeon, I could start my own practice one day. One where I could offer the best surgical options while reducing the financial burden on owners.

After 10 years of operating a mobile surgical practice, I opened the ASC. The Animal Surgical Center has become a staple in the local veterinary community. The ASC is in the business of changing the culture in veterinary medicine, while improving animal lives, one pet at a time.

Our mission at ASC is simple:

“To save as many animal lives as possible by providing excellent service, at a fair price.”

We strive to uphold this mission, each and every day."

-Tomas Infernuso DVM, DACVS
ASC Founder


The ASC Mission

While training as a surgeon, Dr. Infernuso had the painful realization that many animals were being euthanized because their owners could not afford surgery. He left Italy and traveled to the United States to improve his skills and obtain the best surgical training possible, so he could save more lives. This remains our core mission at Animal Surgical Center.